About Business Consulting 777

Operations Management


As a Business Professional Strategist Consultant who has a driving passion to help people, I am an accomplished, confident, qualitative, effective communicator, and corporate trainer.  I get results! I have many years of experience in solving complex business cases for organizations and individuals. I have solved complex business cases for many clients in various industries. 


Motto: "777" the Eye Circlethat holds all together - Analyze--Strategize--Solutionize


Former Clients: GE Oil & Gas, United Airlines Inc., National Oilwell, BP, Loomis, The York Group Funeral Manufacturers, Phillip Services Corporation (PSC), Schlumberger, Crain, Caton & James Law Firm, SFDCT Litigation Facility, Macy’s Department Stores, Houston Community College, Small Businesses, and Surrounding Community Churches